How we work


 At SHAC, when we are working individually and as a team, we understand and are empathetic to the human condition as a whole. Together with our Team Tenets, Our Values, and Our Non-Negotiable Operating Principles, it’s our human experience that challenges and guides us in everything we do.


 Our Team Tenets

At SHAC we demonstrate the Team Tenets when working individually and as a team:

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Be accountable

• Set and manage clear boundaries
• Follow The SHAC Way
• Be reliable and follow through on commitments
• Own up when we are out of our depth or can’t complete a task
• Take responsibility for our work decisions and actions
• Make transparent decisions
• Accountable to management, each other, funding partners and clients

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Excel Together

• Demonstrate empathy and build understanding
• Exude respect for differences
• Act inclusively and cultivate trust
• Play to our strengths
• Actively listen without judgement
• Partner to build capacity


Be Adaptive

• Express our ideas
• It is okay to make mistakes and adapt
• Support constructive expression of emotions
• Opinions are shared and appreciated
• Solution focused
• Embrace change through continual improvement




• Be curious and open to learning
• Actively seek improvement feedback
• Cultivate learning
• Measure our performance
• Use objective data for decisions
• Share our skills, knowledge and resources
• Embrace mistakes and learn from them

Lead to Results_TEAM TENET ICON_GRN.png

Lead to Results

• Undertake effortful work
• Motivated to go above and beyond
• Committed to progress and results
• Passionate about our work
• Celebrate client, team and organisational achievements
• Display leadership at all levels


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We look ahead with confidence, even on the bleakest of days. We have an inner resolve and self-determination, and look ahead with confidence. We see optimism in tomorrow. We need to – our client work is too important not to.


Our Values

Walk side by side

To guide our delivery, we can be relied upon to walk with our clients to support and understand them.

Show Genuine Care

We show empathy and behave with respect, always treating our clients with dignity and grace.


We work with our clients to identify barriers and free up the path of the client’s journey.

Compassionately Respond

We are responsive to need, accountable to laws, dependable in deed and just in our response.

Increase Agency

At SHAC, we are interdependent and work to ensure our clients increase their agency.

Light the Path to Home

We help our clients navigate their journey, making their path to home clear.

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Non-Negotiable Operating Principles

1. Commitment to our clients as our first priority, acting in their best interest at all times.

2. A resolute conviction to human rights and all the covenants that come with it.

3. Honour the diversity of all peoples.

4. Demonstrate high ethical standards, confidentiality, honesty, transparency and accountability.

5. Treat others with dignity, respect and relevance.

6. Uphold The SHAC Way and all the Codes and Policies within it.

7. Adhere to SHAC’s Beliefs, Values and Principles.

8. Proactively manage risk and safeguard SHAC’s reputation, brands, property, assets and information.

9. Commit to social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability.

10. Comply with laws, regulations and contractual obligations.

11. Commit to true and fair reporting.

12. Uphold The SHAC System with the highest standards of professional practice.